Gene Kogan    @genekogan
A/B testing the new CLIP weights released yesterday. So far I can't say I prefer one to the other, but it's nice to have another hyperparameter to toy with. Left: ViT-B/32 (the usual), Right: ViT-B/16 (new)

Allie Beth Stuckey    @conservmillen
Last year, a Minneapolis man was released on bail after committing arson, despite the court’s finding that such a release would pose a danger to the community. Yesterday, he beheaded a woman. You can’t tell me there’s a bigger problem with our justice system than this.
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Both Apple and Microsoft released blowout earnings reports yesterday. Here's what 3 analysts say about the numbers.
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Bob Pockrass    @bobpockrass
I asked Toyota if its Next Gen car crashed & response I got was "there was an issue with our car yesterday at testing in Texas" and no additional details. So I'd say that & this tweet indicates it did (& Herring is OK, wouldn't be first driver to hit PJ1 & crash on own at Texas).


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