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🤲 ML Kit puts machine learning right in the palm of your hand! In this session, learn how to build an app using the ML Kit and go over what's new in the world of on-device ML. Watch here https://t.co/VIgNutpCV7
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Gabriel Peyré    @gabrielpeyre
Neurips workshop "Optimal Transport and Machine Learning". Submission deadline sept 17th. Retweet like there is no tomorrow! https://t.co/9NTg6fP5J4
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David Pfau    @pfau
For those who, like myself, enjoy importing esoteric ideas from differential geometry to machine learning: a foliated theory of transfer learning https://t.co/CL1Y75s56W

Stanford HAI    @StanfordHAI
Researchers developed a machine learning program to help when students get stuck in self-paced learning. The model could have broader implications from expanding access to poor communities to improving workplace training and continuing ed for adults. https://t.co/5ms97gDIF8

Released #otd in 1987: Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up." You can now Rickroll in 4K, thanks to machine learning: https://t.co/XUylQNktom
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