Jeff Clune    @jeffclune
My @Mila_Quebec Tea Talk recording is now up in case you are interested. "AI-Generating Algorithms, an Alternate Paradigm for Producing General AI, and an Example in this Direction: Learning to Continually Learn"

Dmytro Mishkin    @ducha_aiki
Whereas we got used to compare classic algorithms to deep learning speed like: Classic (CPU), e.g. SIFT - 0.x1 sec Fancy DL (GPU), TFeat - 0.x2 sec, do not forget that classics can be implemented with CUDA. E.g. CUDA-SIFT: 2.3 ms (!) per 1920x1080 img.

Jeff Clune    @jeffclune
Very interesting new work on open-endedness and AI-Generating Algorithms from @maxjaderberg et al. @DeepMind, with special emphasis on Pillar 3 (automatically generating environments, like in POET). Congrats. I look forward to reading it in detail!


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