Danfei Xu    @danfei_xu
We are organizing a workshop on 3D + compositionality at #iccv2021! Topics include but not limited to structured scene understanding / synthesis, graphics, and robot learning. Tentative deadline is July 26th. Submit your best works! https://t.co/RxUyQ9R21k
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Jon Cooper 🇺🇸    @joncoopertweets
The work of @WisDems is more important than ever before. Please consider donating what you can to help them meet their month-end fundraising deadline. They’re building a statewide organizing juggernaut to defeat GOP Sen. Ron Johnson in 2022.
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Gabriel Peyré    @gabrielpeyre
Neurips workshop "Optimal Transport and Machine Learning". Submission deadline sept 17th. Retweet like there is no tomorrow! https://t.co/9NTg6fP5J4
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Sebastian Ruder    @seb_ruder
Multilingual Representation Learning Workshop @ EMNLP 2021 If you are working on multilingual NLP, consider submitting to the MRL workshop. Submission deadline is August 27. https://t.co/OzRvlumwY1


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