A Proactive Dialog Company

Welcome to Linguistic Agents, at the forefront of Language AI innovation. For over two decades, we've led the charge in developing platforms that revolutionize digital interactions. Our latest advancement, DirectedAttention, exemplifies our commitment to enabling developers to create tailored, dynamic digital experiences.

DirectedAttention introduces a new paradigm in AI dialog systems, focusing on proactive, scenario-driven dialogues. This approach not only enhances user engagement but also provides developers with the tools to craft experiences that anticipate and respond to user needs in real-time.

Explore DirectedAttention and see how we're setting a new standard for personalized and efficient digital interactions.

DirectedAttention leverages scenario-driven dialogues, a breakthrough in AI dialog systems. This innovation allows for dynamic conversations tailored to specific industries, enhancing user engagement through intuitive and meaningful interactions.

Uniquely proactive, DirectedAttention initiates dialogues that anticipate user needs, transforming the way digital services interact with their users. Its efficiency in adapting to user responses in real-time sets a new standard for responsiveness and quality in digital exchanges.

DirectedAttention empowers developers with an intuitive toolkit designed for building sophisticated, scenario-driven applications. Its user-friendly interface minimizes the learning curve, making advanced Language AI technologies accessible to all developers, fostering innovation and creativity in application development.