The Babylon Bee    @TheBabylonBee
Luke Skywalker Pulls Out Of Death Star Trench Run To Focus On Mental Health
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Nate Silver    @NateSilver538
There's a certain segment of public health people (not the majority but an influential minority) who are like physically incapable of cost-benefit analysis.
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BBC Sport    @BBCSport
Duncan Scott - the first EVER British athlete to win four medals at an Olympics! 🥈🥈🥈🥇 Follow #Tokyo2020 on the BBC: #bbcolympics
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Molly Jong-Fast    @MollyJongFast
Because violence against women is hilarious.
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John Cardillo    @johncardillo
So a 0.034 death rate. Or a 99.66% survivability rate. Thanks for playing, Reuters.
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Scott Adams    @ScottAdamsSays
New technology to manipulate brains via @Dilbert_Daily
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Gary Lineker 💙    @GaryLineker
I mean, how on earth can you do this stuff, @maxwhitlock1 🤯
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Formula 1    @F1
Max gets another pre-race overhaul in Hungary 🔧 #HungarianGP 🇭🇺 #F1
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The Washington Post    @washingtonpost
Japan has put on a diverse face for the Olympics. Some “hafu,” or mixed-race people, say that’s not reality.
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Xander Schauffele wins the gold medal for Team USA in men's golf
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Vogue Magazine    @voguemagazine
A look at how @DuaLipa became @Versace's muse
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Tim Carney    @TPCarney
She officiated a maskless indoor wedding AFTER her mask mandate went into effect. It’s not that she keeps slipping up and breaking her own rules: She created her own rules with no intention to follow them. She knows that vaxxed masking is pointless.
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The New York Times    @nytimes
Tokyo’s 24-hour convenience stores, or conbini as they are known in Japan, have quickly become a primary source of sustenance and, more surprisingly, culinary enjoyment for many visitors navigating one of the strangest #Olympics in history.
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BBC News (World)    @BBCWorld
How sheep and goats uncovered hidden headstones
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Premier League    @premierleague
😍 The #PL returns this month 😍 See how every club has fared in pre-season so far ➡️
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The Age    @theage
Victoria tipped to reach the key threshold of 70 per cent fully vaccinated ahead of most other states. #vaccine #covid19
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